What to Expect


We know that it can be intimidating and even scary to walk into an unfamiliar building, even if it’s a church. But don’t be afraid! We are happy you are here!

In fact, we like to call our church a hospital for sinners. Everyone is welcome at a hospital. And the reason you go to the hospital, is NOT because you have it all together, but because you need help and you want to get well.

It’s the same with church. Don’t wait until you have it all together or you have all right Bible-knowledge. Come as you are, and Jesus will make you well.


We want worship to be relevant (meaningful) and reverent (God-honoring). 

We want you to participate, so we choose music that you can sing. 

We want you to know the God of the Bible, so we preach and teach in a way that is understandable and meaningful. 

We want you to be transformed by the love of Jesus, so we teach his good news!