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Jesus>Religion sermon series

New series starting February 11. See information below for details


Did you know that some of the first followers of Jesus were called “atheists” by the Romans? That’s right. Christians were so different from the popular religions of the day that the Romans had no category for them. Early Christians didn’t follow the “dos” and “don’ts” of some law code. They didn’t seem to have any uniform rituals or sacrifices. They just followed a man named Jesus who they said was their resurrected God and king.  So the Romans called them “atheists”. And killed them for it.

We need to resurrect those ancient truths again. We need to show that Christianity is not about outward conformity. It’s about following Jesus, our Savior and our King.

That is what Jesus taught in his famous “Sermon on the Mount”. So starting February 11 through March 18, we will be looking at this sermon found in Matthew 5-7.

In this series you will discover that following Jesus is greater than any religion. Religion is about following outward customs so we look good on the outside. And that only leads to pride, worry, isolation, and destruction.

But following Jesus is totally different. It is about an inward blessedness (happiness) by faith. It is about a changed heart that overflows into action. It’s about how we live when no one is watching. And this leads to an indestructible life, built on a solid foundation.

If you feel frustrated and exhausted by conforming to outward customs, then it’s time to lay down empty religion and follow Jesus. Because Jesus > religion.


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